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5 Tips To Style Up Your Apartment This New Year!

In the wake of spending too much on basics like sofas and tables, it’s daunting to consider how to make your apartment feel more like a home. It can be difficult to accommodate your ideal dream home with your reality – particularly when you live in a rented apartment. Here are some most loved tips to style up your apartment this New Year! Continue reading 5 Tips To Style Up Your Apartment This New Year!

Tips + Tricks To Plan Your Move-in (Infographic)

This Zenify infographic is a quick and informative guide to making your moving process a piece of cake.

Accompanied with the melancholy of missing your old home and moving to a new neighbourhood comes the woe of the tedious task that lays ahead of you—moving in. While you’re all set with the packing and have got your moving transportation sorted, moving into your new home can be an immense affair.

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5 Things To Tackle Before Moving Day (Infographic)

Zenify’s infographic gives you a list of life-saving hacks to make moving day stress-free.

Moving can be an overwhelming process for reasons beyond just missing your neighbourhood and friends. The truckload of boxes that need to packed with all your clothes, bed linen, kitchenware, books, shoes, and more is a tedious task and there’s a good chance you’ll miss out on something important as the clock ticks by. Here’s a quick look into making moving an effortless endeavour.

Eisenhower rightly said that “… Planning is everything.”For a smooth flow of packing, you need to plan out each step after having carefully considered the necessary requirements and constraints. Start your planning by making a layout of how you’ll set up the place, and pack and label boxes room-wise, in order to make your unpacking easy too. Make a checklist of all the things you’ve packed.

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