#UnmarriedOrCursed? The Woes Of House-Hunting As An Unmarried Individual In India


This is best described as an Indian rite of passage, as all the single ladies (and gents) get shunted around from homeowner to homeowner, for the silliest of reasons.

For some weird reason, all those home-owning uncle-jis and aunty-jis seem to think we’re all evil, wild-partying, noise-generating freeloaders. Okay, not all of them feel this way; however, take a look at this list, and you’ll get an idea of the sometimes-unreasonable, mostly crazy rules that unmarried renters are forced to endure.

Rule #1: No Room For Bachelors.

This one is most applicable to single males.

After the 14th homeowner says no to you just because you’re single, you start getting the idea that maybe these people think the word ‘unmarried’ means ‘uncouth, uncivilized person who gets drunk/stoned all the time, and constantly gives off sexual predator vibes.’

Before you can say “Hey, that’s unfair!”, you’ll have more doors shut in your face than you can count.


Rule #2: No Partying. In Fact, No Thinking About Partying.

Alright, most homeowners aren’t okay with loud all-night-long parties, whether you’re single or not. What’s really galling is that, if you happen to be single, they instantly assume you’re a party animal.

Apparently, where bachelors live, “indecent” parties follow. Certain residential societies frame official rules that deny bachelors the right to rent, citing late-night parties with loud music as a reason.

  1. Who says all bachelors are party animals?
  2. How is it okay when “family types” play music just as loud?

Rule #3: No Guests Of The Opposite Sex.

Right. Because we’re all sexually depraved nymphomaniacs who can’t wait to shack up with the first available member of the opposite sex.

A number of renters have actually been forbidden by their landlords from bringing in their own family members on these grounds. Well, some people might not be able to wrap their heads around the concept of platonic relationships, but how does that give them the right to force their bigotry onto their poor renters?

RIP logic.

And it’s worse for female renters; apart from the fact that they won’t let us host male friends, we have to listen to sexist comments about us being the weaker sex needing ‘protection’ from our knobbly-kneed 65-year-old male “hero”.

Rule #4: No Non-Veg In The House.

Hey, India’s a country where we live and let live. Everyone is free to stick to their beliefs, as is the rest of our country.

It’s when they shove these views down renters’ throats that we have a problem.

Let’s look at the logic here: how does a renter cooking those ‘forbidden’ meats affect you? Is their presence going to taint food, somehow converting sanskaari vegetarian fare to non-veg by some dark magic?

Nope. Like we said, the world of ‘rental rules for bachelors’ seems to have a mind (and logic) of its own.

How Do You Deal With This?

Here’s what you can do.

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Here’s the kicker: there’s no room for prejudice against single unmarried people, giving you the peaceful renting experience you need and deserve!