Dealing With It: The Problems Of Being A Landlord


A landlord is someone most of us are all too familiar with.

More often than not, dealing with one isn’t the best of experiences. Most of us would rather not talk about that landlord from hell we all had when (say) starting out on our first jobs. Some don’t let you do the things you want to do, and some threaten to throw you out if you’re being too much of a nuisance.

Landlords, in general, get a pretty bad rep.

However, landlords are human too.

And they have problems, in much the same way that tenants do. Here are some of the problems landlords usually go through, courtesy of tenants from hell. This is what the picture looks like if you own property in India!

Tenants Refusing To Pay Rent

You might think that this isn’t a real thing, but many landlords are constantly worried about tenants not paying rent on time.

This is a perpetual fear and for good reason. Most of the maintenance and bills on the property are paid from the rent that they get, and should you as a tenant refuse or delay payments of rent, it becomes difficult for everyone living in the apartment.

Bad Tenants Getting Through

Most landlords often have a screening in place for all potential tenants.

This is why they make you fill out a form regarding details like where you work, where you study, and where you come from. This is to ensure that anyone with a questionable record doesn’t get through the screening—that would be dangerous to other people living in the apartments.

A Bad Building Reputation

Sometimes the apartments/buildings that landlords are renting often rack up negative reputations due to previous tenants.

This could be due to an unruly crowd having put up there or maybe even someone who rented the place and then damaged it, making it uninhabitable. This is one of the main reasons why landlords have maintenance charges that most tenants incur upon the expiration of their contract.

Unruly Tenants

This is the ultimate nightmare. If you have tenants that routinely invite complaints from other tenants and neighbours, then that’s a huge red light.

Most landlords are then not able to deal with them, and are also unable to kick them out due to contracts. They have to suck it up till the end of the contract and this can cause further damage to them.

Rule Violations

Rules that you think are flexible and serve as minor guidelines, are actually hard written laws. It’s as easy as keeping in mind that you are staying on another individual’s property, and it’s only fair that you follow down the rules that they lay.  Besides breaking rules, there’s the added problem of tenants outright lying to landlords about very obvious things.

Roofing And Pest Problems

Among a hundred other things that the landlord has to do in order to maintain their property and keep it clean, safe, and inhabitable for future tenants. Any leaks and drops have to be fixed, especially in tropical weather. Besides, pests are a nuisance and almost always require a weeklong pest control program in order to completely get them out

Hopefully, landlords will be given some credit, if not all, for having to put up with some questionable tenants throughout their journey of renting apartments.

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