#MandatoryUpgrade: Time To Revamp Your Bachelor Pad

Bachelors are usually happy to move out of their parents’ house and into a place of their own.

Well, initially at least.

Soon, the place becomes messy or too drab, and you start dreading the very act of coming home in the evening. Well it’s time to start anew. Here are a few ideas that could help you redo your pad, and make you feel right at home:


1. #PriorityMatters: Unwind Or Entertain?

First things first, you need to question yourself about the purpose of your pad.

Are you going to have friends come over and chill over beers and a cricket match, or is it a place you would want to come back to from work, have a hot shower and just laze around?

Just a few things to ponder: If you’re going for a ‘socialising’ sort of bachelor pad, then you’d want to look into purchasing couches, chairs, a pretty good large-screen TV (watching a cricket match on a small screen is for peasants!), and you’re definitely going to need space.

On the other hand, if it’s going to be a personal unwind center, then a nice bed, fluffy rugs and wooden furniture would do the job.

Once you’re done figuring out the purpose of your pad, you’ll have a clearer picture on how you could redo it.

2. #40Winks: Getting Bedding Right

What could be more important than a good night’s rest to repair and prepare your body for the rigours of life?

White. White’s the way to go.

It gives a clean feeling, and makes the bed that much more inviting after a hard day’s work. Throwing in a couple of Euro pillows along with your regular ones would make your bed seem luxurious. You’d definitely want a quality blanket to get you through those cold nights.

Make sure you’ve got some extra sheets for those nights when it’s too hot for a blanket and too cold for no covering.


3. #SitRelaxUnwind: Furniture

A sofa is a must-have, especially for those nights when you feel like sitting back and watching an episode of your favourite TV show. Don’t go for the clichéd colours of black, red or white, which are most common in bachelor pads.

Go for something different: for instance, a nice fluffy rug under your coffee table. It isn’t a necessity, but can add a homely touch to your pad. Go for dark colours, because aesthetics.