Tips + Tricks To Plan Your Move-in (Infographic)

This Zenify infographic is a quick and informative guide to making your moving process a piece of cake.

Accompanied with the melancholy of missing your old home and moving to a new neighbourhood comes the woe of the tedious task that lays ahead of you—moving in. While you’re all set with the packing and have got your moving transportation sorted, moving into your new home can be an immense affair.

Keep a notebook handy to jot down those important reminders, check off the items on your inventory, and even make important calculations like the costs you’re likely to incur. Make a layout of the setup of your new rental home. Make sure you consume all the perishable goods before you move out and avoid that extra weight.

Sort out your stuff—dispose goods that you won’t require, get your packing material organised, and pack according to the rooms. Lighten up the moving process by inviting friends or family to help you. Keep a box of basic essentials that you’ll need immediately when you move into your new home.

Once you’ve moved out, ensure you change your current address on all necessary documents, meet the new neighbours, and have fun at your new home.