10 Unique Vastu Tips To Modify Your Rental House

The term ‘Vastu Shastra’ is of Sanskrit origin. It directly translates to ‘ The Science of Architecture’. These are texts that describe the basic principles of design, ground preparation and space arrangement in a household.


Moving into a new house is often a complex process. It involves moving all your old living arrangements into a completely new environment. It’s hard to settle down, especially if you are renting someone else’s house.

This article will give you a better idea about certain aspects associated with the entire concept of ‘Vastu Shastra’. It is believed that having a proper Vastu style arrangement brings about good fortune and luck to the inhabitants of the house. Since this style of interior incorporates elements from spatial geometry and symmetry, it will certainly help you organise your house better.

Here are 10 tips for you, which will help you incorporate ‘Vastu Shastra’ into your new home, and make your stay more comforting

  1. The Direction of the entrance : ‘Vastu Shastra’ dictates that the entrance of any house should face towards the North, East or the North-East directions as they are considered to be the directions from which positive energy flows into the house.
  2. The Shape of the rooms : According to Vastu oriented beliefs, the shape of the rooms in your house should either be rectangular or square. It is believed that these shapes have strong support structures and they represent integrity, stability and safety.


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3. Colour on the walls : The use of lighter colour shades is prevalent in most Vastu style houses. It is believed that the hues on your walls can affect your mood greatly. The use of dark colours is best avoided according to Vastu scriptures.

4. Kitchen and bathroom placement : It is believed that the kitchen is the source of prosperity in a house and therefore it has to be placed in the south-east direction. On the other hand, the bathrooms in the house should be located towards the south-west. This way, the natural flow of the wind will work in favour of driving the bad odour out of your house.

5. Master Bedroom : It is believed that you will sleep better if you are facing towards the South or the West. Thus Vastu Shastra considers having your master bedroom towards the south-west direction.

6. Living Room : Ideally, the living room should be located right in the centre of the house, with access to all the other rooms. It is believed that this space should be clean and spacious. Any furnishings that block the centre of the room from view should not be placed.

7. Doors in the house : According to Vastu traditions, the doors in your house should open inward. This is considered a more welcoming sign as compared to a door being opened outwards.

8. Wind Chimes : Wind chimes are a popular addition to homes with Vastu based designs. It is believed that the subtle tinkling from the wind chimes helps to dispel negative energy and lets the inflow of positive energy into your house.

9. Water Storage : Any kind of water storage should be placed in the Northeast direction. This includes fountains, swimming pools, overhead tanks and aquariums. The drainage of the water should also be facing the northeast direction.

10. Avoid loud doorbells : Vastu Shastra promotes the use of door knockers. It states that loud doorbells should be avoided as they can be annoying and cause stress. Instead, simple doorbells should be used which don’t make a lot of noise.

If your new rental property is in accordance with these arrangements, you have no reason to be worried about. Vastu is said to bring good fortune and wealth to the household and it also creates a soothing and calm atmosphere of serenity in your house.