Your Move-In Checklist (Infographic)

Panic mode on! You’ve been sorting out and packing all the stuff you’re taking with you to your new home, but time just flies and there’s tonnes more to pack. The melancholy of missing your old home and friends and the apprehension about the new neighbourhood add to your packing woes.

Here’s a quick checklist on making moving day an effortless task.

  • Keep an Immediate Essentials box that holds all your basic essentials like your toiletry kit, flip flops, a set of clothes, cell-phone chargers, medicines, and other essentials
  • Keys, money, and phones can be kept aside for easy accessibility
  • Play smart by noting down meter readings of your old home before you move out
  • The trip to your new home can be long and moving out can leave you exhausted. Ensure you have snacks packed for you, your family, and even the movers for that energy-packed quick bite
  • Keep money handy for purchases on the way and tips for the movers
  • Keep your inventory handy as you move luggage in and out of the moving truck
  • Make sure you have numbers and email IDs of your neighbours—you know you’re going to miss them

Have fun moving with these simple tips!