Inspiring Decorative Ideas for When You’re Staying in A Rented Apartment

We live in that age where space comes at a premium. A lot of us stay in rented or leased apartments. As tenants, we don’t have much say in the decor; this makes it all the more challenging to utilize the space to its full potential.

Don’t give up on your hopes just yet, though!

You can get the most from your rental property if you reinvent your approach to decor. Here’s how you can get creative for function and style in your rented apartment, without freaking your landlord out!


Embrace The Vertical

A lot of the time, tenants ignore the potential that a vertical space has both in terms of storage and aesthetics.

Make use of open shelves or wooden brackets to store (and/or showcase) glassware, office supplies, books, or linens in your room. You can also incorporate adhesive hooks to hang pot lids, spoons, and other handy wares in the kitchen. Align old wine crates along the wall to make a DIY storage system for your music system, memorabilia, or other possessions.

You can also repurpose old ladders to make shelves to hold your books, to place your TV, or for other storage purposes.

If your room lacks character, you can redo a wall using washi tapes, temporary wallpapers, or stick-on backsplash tiles. Personalize your space even further by hanging up family portraits or pop culture frames, or chalkboard frames to set just the mood you want.

The Versatility of Furniture

Furniture alone can speak volumes about your style, and make or break the look of your room.

Choosing smart furniture increases a space’s functionality and upgrade its value. Bring in furniture that can do double duty; for instance, a sofa that can also be converted to a bed, or a settee that also has storage. Multi-functional furniture boosts your storage capacity without using up more space. You can use an open bookshelf to store books and glasswares on the upper shelves, and place bins or drawers on the lower ones to store things that you like to keep handy but out of sight.

If a couch doesn’t come with in-built storage space, you can place it at an angle against the corner, and use the space for storing crates of linens, books, or other such things. You can also use hampers to store toys, umbrellas, or magazines instead of letting them lie around.

Repurpose Furniture and Fixtures in Off-beat Ways

Introducing throw pillows to your living room is one of the cheapest ways of giving it a fresh look. You can layer up the peeling wall behind using frames, hanging rugs, or artwork on the walls.

Make use of the space beneath the sink for storage and conceal this from sight with fancy-looking curtains. You can also use curtains to cover up open storage areas to add a classy edge to the room’s interior. Floor cushions can double your room’s charm instantly with their utility as a soft table and a pouf.

If you’ve got some leftover paint, give your hardware a cheerful upgrade to create a delightful contrast. You can colour door knobs, handles, or cabinet doors in bright colours to add a cheerful element. Lining the insides of shelves or open cupboards with peppy wallpapers helps break the monotony of plain furniture.

Make your rental or lease flats your dream home with the help of these hacks. Which of these ideas did you find the most useful? Comment below to let us know.