Common Problems Faced by Tenants in Bengaluru

Bengaluru being the IT hub and startup capital of India attracts a lot of fresh graduates and experienced professionals every year. Like any other new city, it poses a variety of challenges for its tenants.

Their journey to find accommodation in Bengaluru almost always ends up in a Paying Guest setup. However, worries about the safety, hygiene and the terrible, terrible food means that you will be on the hunt for a more permanent solution. Apartments in gated societies take the edge in this search, because of the convenience and safety it offers.

While there are many online solutions to help you find a place to live in a rented house, there are a few common problems faced by tenants in Bengaluru, which you should be aware of.

1. Finding a right Property / Property visit


One of the most difficult tasks for a tenant is to find the right property for rent, preferably close to the office. The process is extremely intensive, where decisions need to be made about if the property falls within the estimated budget, how to find a property (through a broker or look for online support?) , commutation worries, type of owner, whether flexible or stringent. Each aspect needs to be looked into before finalizing any property.

Another hurdle is to visit the property which may collide with the office hours. In case, the visit is planned on a weekend, it creates a time constraint to select the property, which may enforce the tenant to select the property randomly without proper screening.

1. Huge deposits and partial refunds


It is a practice which prevails almost exclusively in Bengaluru, and not in many other cities in India. An exorbitant security deposit amount is charged by the landlord during the transfer of lease, which usually ranges between 10 to 12 months of rent.

Moreover, landlords often don’t give back the entire amount, instead deducting 3/4th of the amount by claiming various frivolous charges (Maintenance, broken taps, Painting, etc.).


2. Rent Inflation



The city is known for its high cost of living. Moreover, for a good flat, the rent will be significantly higher compared to neighbouring cities. Landlords increase the rent on a yearly basis, even without due consideration to the flat condition and its maintenance. The tenants are left with two choices, either to pay the accelerated rent or vacate.


3. Privacy concerns


The tenant becomes liable to face untimely visits by the landlords. Tenants try to put up with this to not antagonize the landlord. It becomes worse if you happen to be a bachelor, as you will also have to abide by a number of conditions of the landlord.

4. Sudden Evictions


Sudden evictions are a kind of cruelty from the landlord. The Rental Control Act favours the tenant and tenants cannot be evicted without prior notice. However, the landlords twist the act on their convenience by claiming that their family or acquaintances are going to use the house. The plethora of excuses offered cannot take away the difficulties of the tenants and it’s unfair to suddenly evict them.


5. Maintenance and Repair


Tenants need to contact the owners for any repair work. However, most owners don’t stay close-by, therefore, tenants are expected to handle the repairs. In order to get this done, the tenant contacts local vendors who are neither professionally trained, nor have standard pricing for the work. Moreover, the quality of work is also not monitored properly due to which the same issues arise repeatedly.

6. Curse on Bachelors / Students


There is an unfair stigma on bachelors/students which makes it too complicated for them to get better accommodation in Bengaluru. The owners reject bachelors because of the notion that bachelors may resort to illicit activities, which may cause trouble for the owner and the surroundings.


7. Kings of Property – Brokers


Despite the many online services available for finding a house, brokers are still the kings of rented properties in Bengaluru, or any other city as a matter of fact. They decide the rents for the particular property and more often than not, tenants choose the wrong broker and end up in agony.

We hope that you keep these possibilities in mind while searching for your dream apartment in Bengaluru.

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